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Welcome to the Library of Alexandria...
...what the hell is with this low rent, crap art?

The Library of Alexandria was created to be a MTG research and discussion site, devoted to tagging and discussing everything related to Magic the Gathering. We try very hard to keep the focus of the site restricted to the subject of Magic the Gathering, so please keep this in mind when posting to the forums.

In order to keep the general noise of the Internet off of our site, we have a policy of not allowing public posting to the forums. If you wish to participate in discussions on the forums, you will need to purchase a paid account for a one time cost of a few dollars. This is to insure that if we ban someone for misbehavior, that there is a non-zero cost for their actions. We do not tolerate offfensive remarks or bullying behavior of any sort.

Thanks for visiting, and may all your top decks be bombs.

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